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Impedance Tube Testing

SILT Cabin


Impedance tube testing in accordance with 1053-2 to determine absorption of materials

Impedance Tube Testing

Absorption Testing in accordance with ISO 10534-2

Transmission Loss Testing in accordance with ASTM E2611-17

Impedance Tube Testing is widely used for measuring sound absorption or reflection coefficients of acoustic materials as a function of frequency. An 80mm tube and a 30mm tube are used to test materials over a broad frequency range.

Understanding NRC values
An acoustic test chamber used for testing of materials for the motor industry

SILT Cabin

Sound Insertion Loss Testing in accordance with SAE J1400

Acoustic Worx Silt Cabin is two chambers one of which is an excitation chamber.  The SILT Cabin determines the accumulated decrease in sound intensity of waveform energy as it passes thru a barrier.  STL measurements are used extensively in the motor industry and any industry where a product or design is used to control noise.

Alpha Cabin for Acoustic Testing

Alpha Cabin

In accordance with ISO 354

Alpha Cabin testing is used extensively by material manufacturers and automotive end-users to determine the acoustic performance of materials and moulded parts.  Materials often comprise of a number of different layers, solid, elastic, porous, impervious and resistive thin layers with most of the elements varying in thickness.  Parts are shaped and have various mechanical and mounting constraints.

Acoustic Products in Test Chamber

Product Development and Acoustic Performance verification.

Acoustic Worx uses their test facilities in the development and optimisation of the acoustic performance in their SMART range of Acoustic Products.