Noise in our daily lives

A few examples of A-weighted sound pressure levels that we encounter as noise in our daily lives.


140 dB(A)       Threshold of Pain.

120 dB(A)       Jet Aircraft at 100m.

110 dB(A)        Inside a very noisy factory.

100 dB(A)        Road drill or Loud Disco

90 dB(A)          DIY Drill (close to ear)

80 dB(A)         Traffic on a busy road-side

70 dB(A)          Hair Dryer

60 dB(A)          Washing Machine

50 dB(A)          TV in Lounge

40 dB(A)          Quiet office

30 dB(A)          Bedroom at night

10 – 20 dB(A)   Recording Studio (background noise level)

0 dB(A)            Threshold of Hearing