Durban Playhouse

Upgrade to the recording studios at the Durban Playhouse.


The original music studio’s were built back in the early 1980’s at sub basement levels -2 and -3 ( below sea level) in the Playhouse Theatre Complex, Durban, KwaZulu Natal.  The studios walls were covered in old hessian behind which were glass fibre panels.   With the result that over the years the studio’s became dated with no real investment in technology or aesthetics.  

The goal was to revive these spaces into a modern and fully functional studio suite.  The spaces comprised of a primary and secondary control rooms, a vocal booth and a truly magnificent live room, designed to accommodate a full orchestra.  A unique and superbly designed space.

Not much acoustic work was required in the live room apart from a set of double sided floor standing, moveable, acoustic panels configured to create a vocal or interview booth with a natural reverb tail.  

The main studio was completed gutted.  The design was to create a “non environment – environment” free from the constrained acoustics of being in a small enclosed space.  To create a stable sonic image, the design ensured absolute symmetry and controlled early reflections in order to create an “Initial time delay gap” ITDG of approximately 20milliseconds.

The Acoustic diffusion installed in the rear of the control rooms performs two functions.  Firstly creating a sonic illusion of a space larger than the actual volume.  Secondly whilst this is primarily an acoustic diffusion element it is also designed to add bass control.  It is shaped to seat a listener or client in a central position.  


All products designed, manufactured and installed by Acoustic Worx offering a complete turnkey solution.