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Acoustics does not have to be an expensive exercise but you need the right scientific advice…………..

A Turnkey Solution To Acoustic Performance.

Acoustic Worx is one of the leading innovators in acoustic engineering. We work hand in hand with architects, engineers, interior designers, and end users to create a more accurate understanding of acoustics, acoustic materials, and noise impact in the built environment.

Our insight, together with our experience in managing acoustic issues, helps us resolve potential hurdles at the planning stages by implementing sound solutions and effective, affordable acoustic products.

The Acoustic Worx Team is South African born and bred, delivering locally sourced and produced eco-friendly products, custom designed and fabricated to suit your needs.


Acoustics Without Limits.

Acoustic Worx understands that special attention to environmental acoustical design is fundamental in enhancing commercial and cultural life and to minimise the unwanted effects of noise and poor acoustics.  Acoustic Worx invests heavily in research and development, allowing us to uncover opportunities, integrate new ideas and create better solutions. We can say with confidence that we have a 100% success rate at assessing and solving acoustic problems for our clients.

Industrial Recognition

Member – Institute of Acoustics London AMIOA #44705

Mission Statement

Continually striving to create functional acoustic environments using eco-friendly, scientifically-derived solutions.

Our Vision

To provide a complete turnkey solution in Acoustics.

Our Process.

We believe that good design begins with a clear understanding of the situational challenges. Our design process involves collaboration with industry specialists from concept through to construction. Through this scrupulous process, we create a harmonious and positive environment for our wide range of clients.

We impart our international and industry-recognised expertise across all levels of the process, including:

  • Assessing existing buildings
  • Collaborating on the design of new buildings
  • Planning and designing customised acoustic products
  • Local production using eco-friendly materials
  • Implementation and installation


We take complete care of all the client’s requirements and ensure that what we deliver meets international standards, all under one roof.

Our Clients.