St Anne’s Girls School

St Anne’s Girls School situated in Hilton, Kzn took a bold decision to upgrade their theatre into a high-quality venue both acoustically and aesthetically. Since it is part of a school and is used for speech and drama the design requirement was acoustic efficiency and high-quality natural sound reproduction to all seats.

A 3D acoustic simulation model was created to determine the effects of stage reflectors, diffusers overhead and on the side walls, interspersed with absorption to control flutter echo from parallel side walls. An old flat ceiling was removed to expose the roof void and increase the airspace volume. Acoustic products were designed and manufactured by Acoustic Worx and were used as the aesthetic elements as well as incorporated controllable lighting.

The Theatre has the acoustic intimacy and feel of a small Theatre with the spaciousness and fullness of a much larger venue. Mid-band Reverberation is around 0.8sec.

Acoustic Worx worked closely with DNA Interior Designers to create this amazing space that is both visually and acoustically spectacular.

We wish St Anne’s every success in their new theatre complex.