DateMarch 2014
LocationDurban, South Africa
ClientDurban Playhouse

Upgrade to Opera Theatre system

The new Opera systems was designed to utilise the very latest in technological advancements and best possible audio reproduction quality. Performance attributes included Transparency, Musical accuracy, Uniformity of sound pressure level and Uniformity of coverage.

After an extensive evaluation process, including a public tender, Prosound was awarded the contract for the system upgrade. The MeyerSound Leopard line array system was installed and commissioned in late November 2016 in time for the year end production of “Singing in the Rain”.

The goal of Acoustic Worx was to achieve a world class audio experience with a system that delivers and supports an onstage performance seamlessly.

The loudspeaker system in the Opera was about 12 years old but still in good working order.
The loudspeaker system was refurbished and reconfigured for the Drama Theatre.

The system install in Drama was removed and is currently used for outside broadcast.