DateMarch 2017
LocationDurban, South Africa
ClientGateway Theatre of Shopping

Our Solutions

Acoustic Worx was chosen as the acoustic and electroacoustic consultant for the prestigious upgrade to the Gateway Theatre of shopping New food court.

Acoustic modelling showed excessive reverberation and less than ideal speech intelligibility from the voice guide emergency evacuation system. The performance criteria is detailed in SANS 7240-19. The long reverberation times and noise from people will potentially increase noise levels beyond a point where clear speech reproduction was possible.

An acoustic solution was derived by the professional team. This was added to the model and a series of predictions and simulations performed to derive the acoustic performance changes. The model showed by adding absorption, not onto the ceiling surface but 300mm below with a sound path to the rear of the absorption material, a reverberation time of less than 2.5 seconds was possible.

The primary driver for treatment was intelligibility and the lower reverberation, coupled with a creative array design met the criteria as outlined in the SANS 7240-19 document.