DateMarch 2016
LocationHillcrest, South Africa
ClientCotsworld Golf Estate


The Halfway house serves as a coffee shop and meeting venue for Golf and Estate activities.

The internal surfaces are plastered, with painted walls and a polished concrete floor. All hard surfaces that reflect sound waves with virtually no acoustic control. This created a very noisy space with poor speech clarity. Speech based events proved difficult because people could not hear word or sentence structure.

Efficient absorption added to the internal surfaces was required. The quantity or area of absorption was derived thru measurement of acoustic parameters and effective airspace volume.

The result was a resounding success with less noise and improved clarity.


Acoustic products were designed, manufactured and installed by Acoustic Worx.

Part of the area has a low concrete ceiling. A saw tooth arrangement of double sided acoustic panels work very effectively to control reverberation without visually closing in the space.

A configuration of panels were installed on the large double volume wall which added the necessary absorption including an interesting visual element.