Date December 2017
LocationDurban, South Africa


AHRI boardroom

The boardroom is an executive meeting space with both tele and video conferencing facilities.

Basic requirements speech clarity are low ambient background noise levels and low reverberation times. Polycom and Cisco, suppliers of VC equipment, recommend noise levels not exceeding 35dBA and reverberation not exceeding 0.5seconds. Predictions based on internal finishes and internal room volumes provided the quantities of absorption required.

Open plan offices are seldom designed with acoustics in mind. An acoustically controlled workspace will improve productivity and provide a space that is pleasant to work in. Adding highly efficient absorption close to the workspaces adds acoustic control as close as possible to the noise source – people. This reduces distracting noise and provides a private workspace.



A series of shaped vertically hanging absorption elements were created that resemble the underside of a boat hull. This together with wall mounted acoustic panels, provided a unique aesthetic that typifies what is possible with creative design. The artwork panels showing images of micro cell structures. This is part of the acoustic treatment with a breathable print over acoustic absorption.

Open Plan Office

Full acoustic dividing and end floor standing panels designed and manufactured by Acoustic Worx. Desk panels matched AHRI’s corporate colors.