Our Products

Acoustic Worx Manufacturing division produces an extensive range of innovative, well-engineered, diverse acoustic products under the trade name: Smart Acoustic Products.

Smart Acoustic Products Offer:

  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Well-engineered products
  • Clean elegant lines
  • Limitless size and shape options
  • Fabric covers or prints that can be easily removed and replaced
  • Products customised to meet clients requirements
  • Eco-friendly solutions
  • Easy installation
  • Locally manufactured, making this a more affordable option
  • Five-year guarantee

Experience Harmony.

Acoustic Worx aims to bring clients products that are innovative and customised according to their needs and suit the aesthetics of their surrounds.

We use our expertise and innovative approach to design and integrate new ideas ensuring that all work for clients results in a seamless assimilation into their surroundings.

We believe that when we embrace creativity, great products and solutions come to life. Our products are produced in-house and are reusable, customisable and incredibly durable.

Designed To Change With You.

Smart Acoustic Products provide a unique solution, allowing the customer to brand their Smart panels and update the look and feel when required, without replacing the entire panel.

Being locally produced allows for more flexibility and provides clients with an affordable product.

We use our understanding of acoustic science to engineer superior products, bringing together both function and aesthetics firmly believing one does not have to be without the other when creating attractive but functional designs.

We are continually developing new products that strive towards precision and accuracy whilst ensuring a clean, elegant and modern aesthetic.

All products are easy to install and offer a five-year guarantee.

In Harmony With Nature.

We are fully aware of our collective impact on the environment and the undeniable effect that single-use plastic has on the planet. We have united our concern for the environment with our drive to create industry-leading sound designs by making use of recycled plastic bottles in our acoustic materials.

Backed by science, research and innovation, we are still able to achieve the same high standard that defines us both locally and globally.